3DS digital download store slightly delayed

Nintendo’s 3DS “eShop” feature has been put on the backburner until early June.

It’s a slight delay over the company’s initial plan to have the service available by the end of May. It’s a hit that Nintendo really shouldn’t have to take.

Why the eShop has taken so long to launch is anyone’s guess. While this delay may seem like a minor inconvenience, it’s actually on top of the fact that it should have been available on the 3DS’s launch date.

To many, without the eShop the 3DS is like an incomplete device. It is meant to be part of the system and will become the only source of distribution for several titles slated for release on the device.

Games like classic Game Boy titles from the 1990s will be re-released through the eShop, as will smaller games designed specifically for the 3DS. Additionally, other retro games will be released with a complete graphical 3D makeover.

Of course, that’s all just talk until the service actually launches. The Wii Shop was available on day one when the Wii was released, with several downloadable games available for early adopters. The same was true for the DSi and its DSiWare Shop.

The delay of the 3DS eShop, combined with a launch lineup that many analysts agree was subpar has led to a weak start for the 3DS. This delay surely won’t help things get off the ground any sooner.