3D TV can give you seizures, says Samsung

Samsung has issued a detailed warning about the dangers of watching its 3D televisions, saying the technology can give viewers epileptic seizures and strokes.

It adds that it’s particularly dangerous if you’ve been drinking alcohol – although surely only the most reckless alcoholic would ever want to drink a beer while watching a movie.

And you should stop watching immediately if you experience confusion or nausea, says Samsung – so we’d better hope a 3D version of Valentine’s Day, for example, isn’t in the pipeline.

Possible symptoms include eye or muscle twitching, convulsions, motion sickness and disorientation.

“Parents should monitor and ask their children about the above symptoms as children and teenagers may be more likely to experience these symptoms than adults,” says the warning.

“It is recommended that users take frequent breaks to lessen the likelihood of these effects. If you have any of the above symptoms, immediately discontinue use of this device and do not resume until the symptoms have subsided.”

The 400-odd-word advisory makes 3D look just a little bit less like the future of television and more like a hallucinogenic drug.

“Viewing in 3D mode may cause disorientation for some viewers,” says Samsung. “DO NOT place your television near open stairwells, cables, balconies or other objects that may cause you to injure yourself.”