3D plans for royal wedding are scrubbed

Those hoping to feel like they’re actually at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be disappointed to hear that the event will not be broadcast in 3D as originally planned.

Videographers had been hoping to capture the regal event in the most realistic form of video possible, but have just been dealt a huge blow as the couple announced no 3D cameras would be allowed.

The problem isn’t that they’re camera shy or don’t want to be filmed in 3D. The issue here is that 3D equipment is bulky and cumbersome, and would take up too much real estate in Westminster Abbey. The benefit would not be worth the hassle since very few people own a 3D TV, claim the bride and groom to be.

British newspaper Daily Mail said that may have been the “official” reason, but there were probably other concerns. “3D might have been just one step too far for Kate and William, let alone the Queen,” wrote the paper.

The wedding will take place on April 29, and there are sure to be a whole ton of HD video cameras there. Unfortunately, that’s as good as you’re gonna get.