3D console gaming to accelerate in 2010

An Insight Media analyst has predicted that video game studios will likely release up to 25 stereoscopic 3D (enabled) console titles in 2010. 

According to analyst Dale Manunu, the number of 3D console games is expected to rapidly increase to 35-50 by 2011.

Manunu also told Consumer Electronics Daily that console gamers will enjoy a “fairly consistent” 3D experience regardless of which 3D compatible TV they use.

“That’s one benefit of a closed system like what the console makers use,” explained Manunu, who was cited by Kotaku.

”That’s how they maintain a consistent user experience.”

Meanwhile, Nvidia spokesperson Bryan Del Rizzo told TG Daily that 3D as a medium will become “all pervasive.”

“We think it is the future of entertainment. But it is obvious that expectations for 3D radically changed after James Cameron upped the ante with Avatar. So, now the industry has to get to the point where both hardware and content are capable of delivering a comparable experience at home,” said Del Rizzo.

“We at Nvidia know the holy grail of 3D entertainment is affordable price points and a game or movie that makes the viewer/player sit up and truly say ‘wow.’ And that is why we are working with developers to help achieve that goal. In essence, we want people to get excited about 3D because it is better, not different. And they are, because it definitely is, right now in 2010.”