2K and Firaxis rebuild Civilization with new sequel

2K Games and Firaxis are developing a Civilization game that will feature a new engine, redesigned combat system and hexagon tiles capable of generating organic landscapes.

According to 2K president Christoph Hartmann, Civilization V will take the franchise in “new directions” with deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay and “stunning” landscapes.

“The brand new engine orchestrates a spectacular visual experience that brings players closer to the Civ experience than ever, featuring fully animated leaders interacting with players from a screen-filling diplomatic scene and speaking in their native language for the first time,” explained Hartmann. 

“Wars between empires feel massive as armies dominate the landscape, and combat is more exciting and intense than ever before. The addition of ranged bombardment allows players to fire weapons from behind the front lines, challenging players to develop clever new strategies to guarantee victory on the battlefield.”

Hartmann added that an extensive extensive suite of community, modding and multiplayer elements will also make an “appearance” in the game.

“The in-game community hub [will allow] Civ fans to share content and compete against each other without leaving the game. This marks a new era that will forever change the franchise responsible for sleep deprivation and reduced productivity for nearly two decades.”

It should also be noted that Firaxis is developing a Facebook game known as Sid Meier’s Civ Network that is designed to offer both casual and serious gamers easy access to the world of Civilization.