Future hotels to offer virtual sex

Hotels of the future will offer interactive dreaming, virtual love-making and health monitoring, according to a new report.

Sponsored by Travelodge, futurologist Ian Pearson says that, by 2030, we’ll be able to manage the contents of our dreams, replaying afavorite dream from a menu just like choosing a movie. It’ll even be possible to share dreams with a partner or friend.

Pearson also reckons that remote virtual love making will be possible by 2030, allowing individuals to connect with their partner whilst away from home – and making ‘business trips’ harder to fake.

But for those that really can’t get in the mood without a bit of encouragement, it’ll be possible to wear active lenses to change the image delivered to their retinas, and adjust how their partner looks while making love.

“This will enable people to change the image of their partner on a regular basis – and only they will be aware, as their lover will not be able to tell what they are looking at,” says Pearson.

And if all that sex gets too much for your heart, he says, by 2030 it will be possible to diagnose some medical conditions by monitoring sleep patterns. Sleepwear featuring electro-responsive fabrics will enable measurement of skin conductivity (indicating stress or relaxation states), pulse, blood pressure and quality of heart signals.

Dodgy hotel televisions will become a thing of the past, as active contact lenses will allow sleepers to watch TV or check emails as they fall asleep.

“On average we spend a third of our lives asleep and this will still be the case in 2030,” says Pearson. “Technology will not change our basic need to slumber, but it will certainly enhance the experience, enabling sleep to have much greater value than merely rest and recuperation.”