Futurama sticking around for a while

Comedy central has decided to take on a lot more Futurama. Fans needn’t worry about another cancellation for a long time.

The original Futurama run, which started in 1999 by Simpson’s creator Matt Groening was popular, but not popular enough that Fox would keep it past its fourth season.

In the following years, the Futurama team got together to make four Futurama movies, which combined with the DVDs of the first four seasons, did very well in the DVD marketplace.

Starting in 2008, Comedy Central (Owned by Fox) ran the movies – split each into four part episodes – as a fifth season, and after their ratings success purchased a sixth season of the show.

Since that time the ratings have continued to climb.

Half of season 6 has been broadcast so far with the remaining 13 episodes set to pick back up on June 23 this year.

Due to its popularity, Comedy Central has ordered a seventh season of Futurama, again in a batch of 26 episodes, which will air over 2012 and 2013, and bring the post-cancellation number of episodes slightly higher than the original run. 

The entire original voice cast is still on board for the newly announced season, which is essential.

As good as the Futurama writing is, the cast is what really makes this show great, and if at any point they have to start replacing the original actors, the show will start to fall apart pretty quickly.