From VIDGO to Netflix: Which Streaming Service Is Best for You?

In the age of the internet, we’ve all become accustomed to choices. Want a new sweater? Peruse a hundred different online clothing stores to find the best price on the specific one you like most. Need a replacement part for your computer? Utilize comparison websites to find where you’ll enjoy the lowest price with the best shipping terms. This level of choice also applies to our entertainment options, which previously required lengthy contracts, long trips and/or costly expenditures. Online streaming services have made it possible for anyone to enjoy virtually any type of entertainment imaginable: from movies to local programming, you can find it all via such services. Which online streaming services is best for your needs? Continue reading to find out about a few great options.


Soon to be released on the global stage, many fans of streaming services are biding their time in anticipation of the release of VIDGO. The service will be offering not just the standard streaming available for television and hit movies, but also access to live local programming in hundreds of different media markets. This makes VIDGO a very appealing solution for those who enjoy streaming but who do not want to miss local news, sports and other happenings. Much like with other streaming services, VIDGO will work on desktops, laptops, mobile devices and streaming boxes like the Roku.


Now a global leader in the online streaming game, Netflix is used by more people than any streaming service worldwide. Titles are quickly added to Netflix, making it easy to catch last night’s season premiere or the latest movie releases. Many people don’t have the time or money to go to the theatre every time they wish to see a movie, which is why Netflix is so appealing to so many. For around $8 per month, you can enjoy all of the high-quality movie and television programming you can imagine. You only have to pay as you go with Netflix, which is great for those who don’t want to deal with restrictive contracts and subscriptions. Netflix’s compatibility with a slew of devices ensures that you can get the most out of your subscription from virtually anywhere.

Other Streaming Options

Hulu is another popular streaming service, brought to you by all of the major US media companies. You’ll find virtually everything you would on TV uploaded to the service in short order, and at just $8 for month for full access, it’s highly appealing to many. Plenty of content is offered for free as well.

Amazon Instant Video is another popular service that is gaining traction in the streaming market. You’ll be able to rent individual movie titles from the convenience of your home and can also tune into premium channels such as Showtime and Starz. Amazon Instant Video also offers free to watch programming through its service, meaning that you don’t necessarily have to pay to stream.

Sling Orange is a streaming service that incorporates all of the channels you’d expect with cable, and is designed explicitly to allow you to ditch cable. At just $20 per month, Sling Orange can work with any standard streaming box or device and comes with more than two dozen channels, including ESPN, CNN and Comedy Central.

Which One Is Best for You?

It really depends on your priorities. If you are in the need of streaming services today, then Netflix is the only option available. You’ll be able to find all of the latest entertainment through the service, which is what has made it so popular worldwide. If, however, you want to be able to fully cut the cord between you and your cable company, then a service like VIDGO makes it possible. By being able to tune into local television stations just how you would with a cable package, you no longer have to juggle two subscriptions: one for your streaming service and one for your cable package.