First look at Radcliffe in The Woman in Black

A trailer released today gives us a look at the new supernatural thriller The Woman in Black, which represents Daniel Radcliffe’s first non-Potter film role.

Radcliffe was talented/lucky enough to land a role that took him all the way through his childhood, unlike most child film stars who disappear when they hit adolescence. Now that he’s an adult, we will likely see him continue into more starring roles. This is just the first of many for the young actor.

The popular 1983 Susan Hill novel, The Woman in Black has been adapted several times, including a satage version, a radio-play, and a made-for-TV. This film will give us a high-production look at the creepy tale, which many, especially in Britan, hold as a modern classic.

It’s the tale of young Arthur Kipps, a British solicitor who is sent to the remote coastal village of Crythin Gifford to attend the funeral of Mrs. Alice Drablow, and to put the widow’s affairs to rest.

As he explores the old mansion in which she lived, he begins to experience strange hauntings and visions.

Of course, no one in town is willing to even talk to him about Mrs. Drablow or her life.

Eventually he begins to learn the terrible secrets of the house and its residents, and the paranormal events start to come together, but Arthur may be cursed, just by his having seen the ghostly figure.

It’s a creepy tale with a mixed bag resolution, but its popularity cannot be denied. Placing a popular young British actor in the lead role, and getting a renowned horror house like Hammer Films to produce is a good recipe for a hit film.