Is the next Bond going to be a woman?

The tables are turning and so are the power binaries! There are new takers in the block for the Aston Martins, the Heinekens, the Tom Fords and the Omegas.

If you just pictured a discreet secret agent with his style on fleek, well, you almost got it right; except this time, it might be a she!

The X Files star, Gillian Anderson, tweeted out a poster, on Sunday which has her image super-imposed on the title 007. This made social media go bonkers as thousands of fans tweeted their approval and support.

Conjectures have been rife for quite some time now, speculating Daniel Craig’s succession. The likes of Tom Hiddlestone and Idris Elba have been mentioned, even Robbie Williams has been named as a possible candidate. But it is the first time that anyone has considered a female Bond, and who is going to be the Bond girl? Henry Cavill?

It remains to be seen who lands the role and what paradigmatic shift, if at all, the James Bond cult brings about. Although we must admit that, if there is going to be a Jane Bond, Angela Jolie might be the better choice, she has a little more experience as a gun slinging agent that Gillian.