X-Men: Apocalypse Spotlightlighting Storm, Angel & Psylocke

Captain America is currently making the buzz, so how does the X-men series get the audience excited? By showing off Storm and Archangel’s super powers, that’s how!

Marvel and 20th Century Fox is releasing a string of spotlight videos, each focusing on some of the movie’s characters. The latest pair of horsemen in focus are Storm and Archangel.


She is a little different now, different than when Halle Berry played the role in the first trilogy. The new storm says her character:

Has got this darkness to her. Apocalypse makes her more stronger and more powerful.


The second video spotlights Archangel who is played by Ben Hardy. Archangel flies up in the sky and attacks three young X-Men recruits: Cyclops, Jean Grey and the Beast.

Ben Hardy says Archangel is ‘very angry’. From attacking the youngins, he is shown battling it out in a cage.

He [Archangel] cast this shadow of death across the land.


Psyclocke played by Olivia Munn is nothing short of badass. In the spotlight video, she is seen skilfully destroying a car and like Munn says:

Psylocke is very lethal and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty.