Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant Gets Another Chance

It sucks that Brad Bird had a huge bomb this summer with Tomorrowland, because he not only gave us The Incredibles, but one of the best animated movies ever, The Iron Giant, which never found the audience it deserved because it got steamrollered that summer by The Blair Witch Project.

As Slashfilm tells us, The Iron Giant will have a brand new, upgraded re-release with new scenes that will be coming to theaters in the fall, along with a digital HD release.

Again, The Iron Giant got short shrift when it came out in ’99, but its following has grown over the years because it is indeed a wonderful picture that has been long overdue to be rediscovered.

As an executive involved told Slash Film, “We can’t wait to bring this family favorite back to its home on the big screen. The Iron Giant is meant to be seen and heard in movie theaters, and this is a great chance for fans new and old to enjoy this classic, remastered with new scenes.”

Brad Bird is clearly very happy that his lost classic is getting a second chance. He tweeted, “Good to be working with an old friend.”