Michael Douglas Would Love Some More Marvel

We’re a few weeks away from seeing if Ant-Man will truly deliver the goods or not, but one thing we like about Ant-Man so far is the fact that it’s co-starring Michael Douglas, who I’ve been a big fan of for many years.

I’ve often felt that many serious actors are dying to geek out and do a comics movie, and Douglas told Vulture he’d love to be part of the Avengers team if they’ll let him. (As you’ve noticed in recent Ant-Man ads he’s sharing space with Captain America, showing that he’s going to be part of a bigger Marvel picture in the future.)

Douglas told Vulture, “I’ll go anywhere they want me to. I like this Marvel family. It’s a lovely group. Their track record’s impeccable – I mean that’s 12 in a row, right? Who’s done that?”

Having Michael Douglas as part of the Avengers ensemble would be almost too good to resist, and let’s hope they’ll want him to go there in the future.