Chris Hemsworth Joining the Cast of the Next Ghostbusters

Dan Aykroyd had been trying to get another Ghostbusters off the ground forever, then Paul Feig came up with the idea of making the ‘Busters all female.

While we won’t know until next summer whether this experiment will work or not, there’s some more interesting casting news for the next installment, mainly Chris Hemsworth, who most of us know as Thor.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Hemsworth is indeed on board for the next Ghostbusters, as the receptionist. What? No major hero role? Well this time it’s obvious the chicks are saving the world and they’re not waiting for the men to save them.

As you probably recall, Annie Potts was the receptionist in the first Ghostbusters, and this new wrinkle shows they’re really reversing the roles in this one. Not to mention Hemsworth not playing a manly role is an interesting twist that shows us the next Ghostbusters flick is definitely thinking outside the box.

Look for the next Ghostbusters to hit theaters on July 22, 2016.