New Star Wars Details Unleashed on Star Wars Day

May 4 was Star Wars day, and a major plethora of information on The Force Awakens has flooded the world. After all, you can only keep a secret for so long, and perhaps now is a good a time as any to reveal a little about the characters in The Force Awakens.

So the movie has a big, pimpin’ cover story in Vanity Fair, and as expected, Adam Driver is playing the main villain Kylo Ren, and his stormtroopers are “loyal to the evil First Order.” Driver was photographed in the snow, a la the world of Hoth.

VF also reveals that Lupita Nyong’o is playing a CG motion capture character named Maz Kanata, who is reportedly a pirate. In The Force Awakens, the Rebel Alliance is now called the Resistance, and the Resistance has a new hero named Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, an X-wing fighter pilot.

As for the cute brunette on the land speeder, she’s named Rey. We still don’t know who the brother running around in the Stormtrooper costume is, but we’re certainly curious to find out, as he’s clearly going to be a big character in the film.

Stay tuned for more updates as The Force Awakens heads towards its December 18 release.