Tom Hardy Wants to Play the Punisher

We at TG are very excited about the new Mad Max movie, and if it’s half as good as the coming attraction, it should be a hell of a flick. It also looks like with Fury Road, Tom Hardy’s finally ready to break out big as an action star, and he’s expressed interest in a Marvel character he’d be perfect for.

As Collider reports, Hardy would love to play the Punisher, and it’s a Marvel franchise that could definitely use a Daredevil style reboot. Thomas Jane is a good actor, and he did a good job bringing the Punisher alive, but Hardy’s a great choice too. (And the guy’s volunteering.)

As Hardy told Collider, “I want the Punisher. I’m not big enough to be The Punisher. I’m 5’9 [Laughs].” Then again, Hardy wasn’t big enough to play Bane either, but he still did the role.

Warner Brothers, who are releasing Mad Max, now has the rights to The Punisher, and Collider came up with a great suggestion, “the character would work well on television, specially in the Netflix scene since Daredevil showed that Marvel is going for a gritty aesthetic.”