The Man Who Wore Many Hats – Jacob Kyle Young is Here to Stay

The millennial professional is all about multi-tasking. Gone are the days when young, dynamic, and talented individuals would find one thing and dedicate their lives to it. While modern professions do not rule out dedication, professionals today do not leave an opportunity to diversify their skills and hone their talents as far as possible. In addition to that being said, in this day and age where people are competing with one another to achieve maximum success, it has become absolutely imperative to have an advantage over the other person. One of the ways to achieve that is by attaining new skills while sharpening the existing ones. If you are a man or a woman of all seasons, you will notice opportunities coming to you more than ever. This is especially true in the creative world where every newcomer needs to be multifaceted and a master of several skills to be able to stand out in the crowd. Meet Jacob Kyle Young – a 25-year old actor, screenwriter, and a producer, who is barely four years old in Hollywood but is already creating waves in the industry.

For someone who started working as a fitness professional in Austin, Texas, Young has come a long way in his journey of establishing himself as an actor. Jacob Kyle Young was born on September 28, 1993 in the city of Plano, Texas. His parents totally supported his love for movies and sports. This helped him to learn more about the craft of films and excel in the world of sports. When Jacob was growing up, his love for sports was pretty evident. He found joy and peace in football and soccer. At an early age, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a pro athlete. Unfortunately, a near fatal car crash put a brake on his sports career. In spite of such a tragedy, Jacob did not lose hope. After a grueling but a successful recovery, he set new goals which included building a perfect body. He worked hard on his body with a fine balance of exercises and diet. In order to make ends meet, Jacob became a fitness trainer. One of his clients suggested that since he already has the looks, he could very well try his luck in Hollywood. While working as a fitness trainer in Austin, Jacob took up acting lessons. This gave him the confidence required to act in front of the camera and before an audience. A day came when it was time to move on to bigger things. It was time to get to the city of dreams and accomplish his dream of becoming an actor. To give shape to his dreams, he moved halfway across the country to Los Angeles and started working for commercials. Working hard, yet smart and round the clock, he managed to build an envious portfolio of 20 independent films in record time.

Jacob is not the kind of guy who will sit back and wait for work to knock on his door. At quite an early stage in his career he realized he needs to hone more skills in order to be unbeatable in Hollywood. While working on these films as an actor, Jacob also discovered that he had a flair for writing and creating unique films. And thus, he ventured into screenwriting and producing at the same time by founding his own production company called the Post Modern Entertainment. He explains that “everything in Hollywood is connected to each other. Acting, directing, and writing are all linked together. If these come together at its best, you get the recipe for a great film.”

He has produced and acted in three short films featured on Amazon Prime- ‘Take the Shot’, ‘Get Over It’, and ‘The Descendants.’ ‘Take the Shot’ received critical acclaim from reviewers all over the country, especially praising Jacob’s work.

Jacob’s production skills went beyond shorts and he went on to co-produce the feature ‘My Babysitter the Super Hero’. The movie features two popular TV personalities, Mo Collins & Melissa Peterman. Mo was seen in the comedy TV series, Lady Dynamite, who plays the titular character’s childhood friend and we all know Melissa more popularly as Bonnie Wheeler from the show, ‘Baby Daddy’. He also served as the co-executive producer for the feature film, ‘The Three Bears and the Perfect Gift’, which went on to win the prestigious Dove Award.

As an actor, Jacob Kyle Young has made an appearance on television as a guest star on the show ‘Murder Among Friends’ in the episode, ‘Hell Storm.’ His first role in a feature film was for ‘The Lurking Man’, followed by a Virtual Reality short by PBS called ‘My Brother’s Keeper’. This short premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2017 and was also nominated for an Emmy Award. His latest acting stint includes a supporting role in the feature film, ‘His Sunrise My Sunset’, a movie based on the best-selling novel of the same name. The story is about love and loss any person goes through in his or her life. The film features one of the most loved faces in television history, Corbin Bernsen along with the gorgeous and talented actor, Dee Wallace. The movie is directed by Waymon Boone who has worked on various television and movie projects such as ‘Falling for Angels’, ‘The Devil’s in the Details’ and many more.

Jacob is currently working on two projects at the same time. One is a feature film called ‘Reach’ for which he has written the screenplay. Through his company, Post Modern Entertainment, he will also be co-producing it along with Amar Balaggan of Vector Film Services. This coming of age sports-drama would see him in the lead role along with two other prominent Hollywood stars. Another film, titled ‘Kepler’ is a Sci-Fi-action-adventure, which is also being produced by the same co-producers. As you may have gathered from this article that Jacob is indeed a very busy man in Hollywood today. Not only is he acting, producing, and directing, he also continues to work towards his body. He still hits the gym everyday and makes sure he does not stray away from his diet of greens and other healthy stuff. 2019 has just began and there is a lot in store for this young man of many professions. Rest assured, we will keep a close watch on the growth of this promising actor’s career.