New Blockchain Tech for Casinos

In July 2018, a new company was founded to add extra entertainment for casino players. The inspiration behind the project of Alphaslot was the realization that land-based casinos have a hard challenge to attract players. Albert Yu, Chief Officer of Aphaslot, believes that the blockchain technology can bring new opportunities in the gaming industry, by attracting new players from eSports, mobile, online social games and to connect them to land-based environments, embracing the online-offline (O2O) experience.

The History of the Organisation

The company has its office in Hong Kong and the technology office is in Shenzhen. The company as a whole, is the first blockchain gaming company that is a member of Gaming Standards Associations, GSA.

GSA is a notable leading association that brings gaming regulations, compliance and adopts new technology for gaming as well. Along the way, Alphaslot welcomes two advisors, the Honorary President of the European Casino Association, Ron, together with his partner Paul, from Pantera Capital situated in Silicon Valley.

Their vision is to make the O2O a reality for the gaming industry, enabling the adoption of blockchain technology to create a new entertainment world.

What Does O2O Mean

O2O or the online-offline tech is a buzzword for the commercial world and slowly its starting to take shape with China leading the way. Technology is the main aspect of the world today, and it is frequent in every detail and minutes of our lives. O2O is a new electronic marketing mode that has become popular among people.

O2O’s aim is to find people online and bring them towards land-based stores. For the gaming industry O2O can serve as an online tool that brings people towards a land-based venue, establishment. Another example that is close to online-offline tool, are online casinos such as Admiral Casino, which already use an alternative way in bringing its players towards their land-based structures. Many casinos started as land-based, however only a few number of them continued their way towards an online domain. Some of them use the resources in maintaining an online and offline approach for players.

O2O integrates and optimizes the application of online resources with offline business opportunities that its using Internet connection. The business process starts with service providers that presents information about products or services to people. Users review these services online and then they experience the services or products offline.

Some people already know this type of exchange of services or products online and offline, but they never knew the name of this process. This is the O2O or online-offline commerce.

What is Alphaslot

Alphaslot, like mentioned above, is a Hong Kong based company and in the near future they plan to expand towards Europe & America. Besides land-based casinos, they are also targeting online platform, mobile platform, social media, the console platform and most importantly, the eSports.

Alphaslot is a CRM channel. Alphaslot is seen to become the epicentre for gaming whether online or offline, with players logging in Alphaslot whether in casinos, at home or other entertainment venues.

Alphaslot also has an Ecosystem that is meant to bring new players from eSports, online and mobile games, along with crypto enthusiasts. Currently Alphaslot is partnering with EGM manufacturers, but also casino operators, social & mobile operators, eSports associations as well as all major gaming regulators. They understand the compliance of the gaming industry and the need for regulations. In the end, it’s all about transparency and fairness.

Until now, Alphaslot has achieved significant milestones in the blockchain/crypto space. They became the first blockchain company in GSA and they also spoke at the first blockchain-focused summit. The summit was held at Reno and companies like Melco, IBM, Oracle & Intel were also there.

Last Words

The team behind Alphaslot believe that blockchain technology is going to play a major part in the future. From gaming industry perspective, it could alter the direction and landscape of a business that moves forward.

Alphaslot is trying to leverage the expertise in both of these fields, in order to create a limitless future for land-based gaming, online gaming developers, casino operators, eSports associations or gaming/crypto enthusiasts.

New players will want to try out EGMs in land-based casinos, because they are no longer just a boring game. They will find out that there is much more entertainment in playing both online and offline games via Alphaslot Ecosystem. They strongly believe that having an ownership over digital assets, is literally the best bridge in an online/offline gaming environment.