8 Different Ideas Of Enjoying Movies With Your Loved One

Whether you are watching a latest thriller, or you are going to watch an old classic, unless you plan your movie night properly, you might not have as much fun as you anticipated. The idea of watching a movie with your sweetheart is always visualized in a movie theater at a big screen with a big bucket of popcorn while holding hands together. Following are some great ideas to spice up the romance while enjoying movie:

Break the stereotypes

A perfect movie date with your love can be a totally spontaneous one. A perfect cozy evening while watching movie can be enjoyed at your home in total comfort and ease. You can enjoy a big bowl of popcorn without the facing the dread of sitting next to an arguing couple, some noisy infant or a group of teenagers crunching loudly and ruining your movie date. It is much more intimate when you have a private and romantic movie night with your partner. If you want a spicy scene, you can pause anytime and indulge in your own romance!

Create the atmosphere

You can make your movie night as tasteful, sexy, elegant and complete as you want! If you want to create a romantic setting, you can create such atmosphere by lighting the candles in your room to make your room dark and have a clear view of your TV screen. You can put the single-stemmed roses on the coffee table or sprinkle rose petals on the floor and the couch and also get some snacks for nibbling and drinks to enjoy during the movie.

Instead of popcorn, you can bake some fries in the oven for a nice treat. If you don’t feel like baking, you can get Chili’s To-Go and get some delicious Texas Cheese Fries for only $4.49.

Make it different with theme night

Decide a theme and do everything as per the theme. For instance, if you choose an Italian theme, you can cook yourself Italian food such as tiramisu and spaghetti while watching an Italian movie such as The Italian Job or Lady and the Tramp- or you can talk in Italian accent for fun during the movie. You can pick any theme you want and make your movietime even more interesting.

Make it a movie day

A movie date doesn’t necessarily have to be in the evening. Instead of having a lazy weekend on your bed under the blankets, plan your Sunday as a movie day with some yummy take-out menus – technically this also lets you spend the whole day in bed. You can create your own meal combination at Red Lobster for under $20 and spend the whole day watching movies. Movie date is the most popular date choice for couples who are looking forward to saving money and prefer staying at home to spend more one-on-one time. Movie dates are much more fun when you have the perfect ambiance to enjoy your time.

Don’t limit your options

If you have a home theater, then you don’t even have to think about going out for a movie. If any of your friends has a home theater you can order a pizza with some good snacks and go over for a friends’ get together. You can watch a science fiction movie or a thriller, instead of watching any typical romantic or comedy movie. Be in your comfort zone – even if the movie is not your type, you can switch to another movie.

Fantasize your movie date

Fantasy movie night is most probably the best idea for you to make your movie night fun and happening. You can opt to make some special arrangements at home like decorate your room with some stuff regarding movie and create an escape environment from the reality. If you put in some extra effort, your darling is sure to remember the movie date for years to come.

Movies in the park

Check online and you will find many options of outdoor movies. Carry a beanbag and a blanket, sit back with your honey’s arms and watch the movie. If you haven’t ever tried it, we can assure you that it is great fun. Outdoor cinemas can also be a chic option. The large screen set up in natural environment, the stress of not arranging for anything, the ease of relaxing, all guarantee a good time.

Re-watch an old classic

A comedy movie date always come with some amazing memories that you would cherish for life time. An old movie that you have watched many times will also give you a good time when you recall inside jokes and have a fun time prophesizing the next scene or recalling the dialogues. Pick one of your all-time favorite movies and watch it with your hubby.

Instead of going through the big planning session for the movie date and buying expensive tickets to impress your date, probably staying at home and enjoying movie with your partner is the best idea to enjoy movie at home.

Image Credit: Pixabay.com