Does DC want a Green Lantern sequel?

Geoff Johns, the Creative Chief at DC Entertainment, spoke a bit about the Green Lantern franchise at New York Comic-Con this past weekend.

He told audiences that he’s personally very excited about Green Lantern, and the potential stories which could be told on both the television and the big screen, hinting that if Green Lantern: The Animated Series was successful, and if the DVD/Blu-ray release of the film (which came out this weekend) sold well, there would be no reason not to make a Green Lantern 2

“There was a lot of really good stuff in the movie,” he said.

“[And] with the new animated series, Green Lantern is only going to get bigger.”

Green Lantern’s June theatrical release was preceded by significant hype, which was unintentionally sabotaged by a few trailers that saw significant jeers from critics and bloggers.

The film itself was fun, but not particularly deep, and received mostly mediocre reviews. Despite all that, it did not bomb, with studio reports putting the film’s profit over $200 million globally.

The animated series will debut next month on Cartoon Network, and features yet another origin story for Hal Jordan, disconnected from the canon of the film or comic books. In this version, Hal is recruited during a war between the Green and Red Lanterns, and is sent immediately to the front-lines of that fight, far from Earth.

The series was developed by Bruce Timm, who also worked on Batman: The Animated Series and the Justice League series for DC Entertainment. Warner Bros. showed the first scene of the first episode of the new show, also at NYCC.

The first episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series airs on the Cartoon Network on November 11, 2011.