Doctor Who prequel to Let’s Kill Hitler

The BBC has released a “prequel” episode of Doctor Who; the events of which fall between the events of the mid-season finale and the upcoming new episode, Let’s Kill Hitler.

The first half of this season ended earlier this year in a somewhat anti-climactic battle between The Doctor’s friends and his enemies, culminating in the not-entirely-shocking revelation about the origin of River Song.

It all seemed rushed at the time, but there was a lot to fit into one episode, and I guess they felt it was important to make it work quickly, as they still have a lot to do this season, before Amy and Rory are done with being companions of The Doctor.

If you recall, the actors both recently announced that this is their final season on the show (Matt Smith is staying for at least one more, however, though that season will be dragged across two years or so).

This sad scene boasts the typical production style of the Doctor Who shorts with none of the humor.

Amy sounds scared and desperate, and The Doctor is obviously contemplative and a bit upset.

Not sure quite how this links in, since Amy was with the Doctor at the end of the Battle of Demon’s run, and in the previews for Let’s Kill Hitler, she’s with him again.

However, it does show us that the search for Melody might occupy quite a bit of space within the second half of the season, possibly even being the sub-plot for the entire set of episodes alongside figuring out what is really going on with the impossible astronaut.

What I’m personally most interested in right now is learning more of Melody/River’s story. Is Melody somehow the impossible astronaut? What was happening to her in that alley, when it looked like she was regenerating? That’s all a lot more interesting to me that the Amy & Rory drama stuff.

At least it seems like they are finally done with the “who does Amy love?” sup-plot because it was starting to get a little stale.