Disney brings on Guggenheim for Time Zones

Disney is getting close to filling all the slots needed to start production on its upcoming time travel adventure, Time Zones.

The studio has found its helmer – Marc Guggenheim – who will be working with producers Mark Gorgon and Jennifer Todd.

Time Zones boasts a unique and interesting premise. A cataclysm has essentially broken time around the world, causing different countries and places to exist in different time periods simultaneously, and if traveled carefully, one can actually navigate through history.

A man must travel around the time zones in an effort to save the life of his wife, who died in the past, and he will need the help of his estranged daughter to make it work. Of course, changing history is never as easy as it seems.

The setting sounds like an overdrawn version of an Eric Flint concept, which is cool, but the plot is a bit disappointing. It seems like a lot of drama, and a bunch of tears might be involved.

I’d rather the protagonist was chasing a bad guy or something uncomplicated, so that the setting could be properly explored. It feels like this would be difficult to pull off well, but of course, it all depends on the talent behind the film.

Guggenheim has been making a name for himself recently in genre media. He co-wrote the recent Green Lantern film, and is currently working with Warner Bros. on The Flash. He also helped produce Eli Stone, FlashForward, and No Ordinary Family. He is also currently producing an unnamed detective flick for Disney, but the only details we have for that project is that the protagonist is female.

Gordon has a long resume in Hollywood and television and comes from producing the recent Source Code, one of the best films of this year. 

No actors are yet attached to Time Zones, and no production or release dates have been announced.