Details released for UFO

Hawthorne Productions has announced some pertinent details surrounding UFO, its upcoming sci-fi thriller. It’s certainly not a AAA production, but there are a few names we recognize working on the film.

The cast is lead by Bianca Bree, whom no one probably recognizes, probably because this is her first film under this name. She’s played a few minor characters in other films under the name Bianca Van Varenberg, but still likely nothing one would recognize. That doesn’t mean she’ll be terrible however. Everybody has to start somewhere. Also, she’s Jean Claude Van Damme’s daughter, so there’s that.

Van Damme himself is also in the film, but in a minor role. 

The romantic lead is another Hollywood child, Sean Brosnan, who doesn’t try to hid his herritage in his name. He’s the son of second-best-Bond Pierce Brosnan. You likely also haven’t noticed any of his work.

In fact, other than Van Damme himself, you likely won’t know any of the folks in the headlines of this film’s poster.

The director, you might now, however. Dominic Burns was writer and Director behind Airborne – the upcoming Mark Hamill picture – and How to Stop Being a Loser.

The official synopsis of the film is thus:

Five friends wake on a seemingly normal morning to find the power’s out, there’s no mobile phone reception and the radio can tune nothing but static… None of the neighbors know anything about what could have caused these occurrences and news soon arrives that it may in fact spread across half of the UK, maybe further. But with no way of discovering any information and no advice on what to do, the atmosphere quickly turns edgy.

Two nights later they are awoken in the dead of night by what seems like a violent earthquake, strange lights are spotted shining down from high above outside, something is flying over the house, not just the house, the entire neighborhood, something huge. A city size UFO, finally settles, hovering in the distance above the nearest city.

What now? Are they going to attack? Have they already attacked? Are the power cuts an accidental side effect the UFO isn’t aware of? How quickly will society deteriorate and turn into survival of the fittest? What would you do to survive, to ensure the survival of those you love?

Whatever happens… Try to remain calm.

UFO is slated to hit theaters in 2012.