De-stressing activities that you will enjoy regardless of your age

Living in our era might prove quite of a challenge for many. Not only we must juggle with our incredibly soliciting jobs, but many of us must manage an even more soliciting family life: children, spouses, house chores, things that never seem to end. Case in which, we must find a reliable de-stressing method to put into practice when everything seems a bit overwhelming. Finding your inner peace can be easily accomplished in a series of ways, we only have to find the ones that work for us. Below is a short list of those types of activities that will certainly help us improve our mental and physical health.

Swimming – Therapy for the mind and body

While many recommend meditation as a first line of defense when it comes to de-stressing techniques, the advantages brought by swimming surely surpass meditation. As we all know, swimming helps you improve blood flow and circulation. The heart rate is also stimulated, swimming being an activity that promotes weight loss. But what people don’t seem to know about swimming is that it also promotes a healthier mind, having meditative qualities. For many, swimming is the perfect way to meet various requirements at the same time. Which on the long-run, will prove quite effective in terms of time. If you want to give your pool an upgrade and start exercising, there are some good options you will find around the web, solutions offered by dedicated companies. Regardless, below we have some ways in which swimming will help you relax.

  • It allows you to exercise your breathing. Unlike gyms, for instance, pools have higher levels of moisture in the air, which makes the air more breathable than other circumstances. Sufferers from asthma will benefit from this even more since they usually aren’t allowed to make great efforts due to their condition. Even if your lungs are otherwise healthy, you can still practice this sport in order to increase your lung capacity. In terms of relaxation, this sport is healing you because when you exercise your breathing and a regulated breath will make you calmer and happier.
  • Mental health boost. Swimming is not only a great exercise for your body. It acts the same for your brain. Swimming releases an increased number of endorphins and those are responsible for the well-being sensation. It has been scientifically proven that swimming brings the same benefits as yoga does, in multiple occasions.

So next time when you feel like you could use a bit of relaxation, do not hesitate to soak yourself in your pool.

Buy a plant

No matter how silly this would sound, it has been proven that caring for plants is a great relaxation technique for many. Besides, they do a great job at purifying the indoor air, helping you acquire higher levels of health. Entering a room full of plants was proven to improve the mood and help you destress your mind. There are plenty of guides that will help you select the best plants for this purpose and below you will find some of those.

  • Aloe plant – it purifies the air and the bright green colour will help you relax;
  • English Ivy – this is yet another plant with incredible purifying properties, because it absorbs with success formaldehyde;
  • Peace Lily – a plant that is not only looking great, but that also has incredible air-purifying properties. If you don’t know what your next purchase in terms of plants should be, give it a shot!
  • Snake plant – With a scary name, this plant also helps improve the quality of the indoor air, being a great solution for children’s room as well.
  • Bamboo plant – being on the NASA’s list of plants that have de-stressing effects, this is a plant with an appealing appearance as well.
  • Red-edged Dracena – with a beautiful and vibrant appearance, this plant will definitely help you improve your mental state.

These are only some examples of plants that will help you achieve a relaxed state of mind and will also improve the appearance of your home.

Listen to some music

Find the music you like, create a playlist and play it on! Listening to the music that we like has been proven to have incredible relaxing effects and to boost our mood. You can alternatively try to find some playlists with music specifically created to help with relaxation. YouTube is an endless resource, if you search for such playlists. Classical music therapy is a type of therapy recommended for those with severe depression and anxiety. So, if you search for something with such properties, Chopin is a great choice.

Eat a candy

And the emphasis should fall on ONE. Eating the foods that we love has been proven to help us improve our mental health and boost the number of endorphins released in our bodies. However, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of binge eating, because stress can trigger it quite easily. Eat a candy, and limit yourself to it. This way, you will maintain your figure, while feeling relaxed. Is a win-win situation!

Watch funny viral videos

The great things about these videos, is that will help you have a good laugh, and we all know very well that laughing can be the best medicine out there! Luckily, YouTube is an endless resource when it comes to such videos, and so is Facebook. Opt for funny animal videos, since this will certainly help you to de-stress your mind and achieve relaxation easier!

Adopt a pet!

If watching funny animals online isn’t your cup of tea, you can easily adopt a pet. Seeing how much you will improve their lives will contribute to our mental well-being and their company will promote happiness and joy. A pet will also help you become more physically active and you will have advantages from adopting a pet in all spheres of your life!

These are only some of the most effective relaxation and de-stressing techniques you could try in order to achieve higher levels of happiness and joy. Try others, the Internet is filled with those!