Computer glitch sends college acceptance letters by mistake

Applying for college provides a roller coaster of emotions in an of itself, but when a university has to send you a retraction to an acceptance letter it sent because of a computer glitch, that boils things over even more.

Middlesex University in the UK confirmed that it sent out unconditional offer e-mails to 2,500 applicants by mistake. University officials blamed the error on a glitch in its internal mailing system.

Candidates hoping to get into the school were probably already confused when they received the acceptance offers, as most of them had not yet received scores for the entrance exam.

Nonetheless, you can imagine the feelings that these students must have had when they received an offer letter last week, and then later got a text message along with a follow-up e-mail saying their acceptance was a mistake.

The retraction e-mail assured users that the university was “acting swiftly to resolve the issue.”

For those who were mistakenly sent a notification of acceptance, it doesn’t mean they should have been denied. Their applications had not even been fully vetted yet. Their approval process is still underway. “Please be assured that the University will consider your position, as normal, as soon as we receive your examination results,” noted Middlesex University in its retraction.