Cat ears respond to the wearer’s thoughts

Japanese company Neurowear has created a pair of pink fluffy cat ears that respond to the wearer’s brainwaves.

Necomini – short for neural communication machine – is basically a headband that includes a set of sensors which pick up brainwaves and convert them into movements. The ears prick up when the wearer is alert and flop forward when bored or relaxed.

“Just put on Necomimi, and if you are concentrating, this cat’s ear shaped machine will rise. When you are relaxed, your new ears lie down,” explains the company.

“If concentration and relaxing time comes at the same time, your new ears rise and move actively. In general, professional sport players demonstrate their abilities most in this condition.”

The company warns that the ears can be a bit of a giveaway in difficult situations, and that they can take some getting used to.

In a land with possibly the weirdest dress sense in the world – not excepting Brazil’s Metyktire people, who wear penis sheaths and put plates in their lower lips – we reckon the product’s set to go down a storm.

And the company says it’s planning other brainwave-controlled fashion items along the same lines – we can’t imagine what.

There’s a video, here.