Brits expect to vacation on moon by 2020

Just a generation ago, the British on vacation were happy as clams sitting on a rain-lashed Cornish beach with some fish-paste sandwiches and a thermos of tea.

Not so these days, it seems. Online travel agent has conducted a survey of where its customers expect to be going over the next few years, and discovered that many are aiming somewhat higher.

More than one in ten reckoned that holidays to the moon will be possible by 2020, found.

And 16 percent thought there could be an undersea tunnel between the UK and the US by the same time. A time-consuming journey, one suspects, given the UK rail network’s reputation for slowness, but one that 91 percent of people said they’d be happy to tackle if they could.

Four percent of the 2,000-odd surveyed reckoned they had a good chance of being able to time travel in the near future – putting an end to all those ‘you should have seen this place ten years ago’ conversations.

“It seems that some people just aren’t content with the holidays of today,” co-founder Chris Brown told the Associated Press.

“Some evidently quite like the idea of floating through space, as opposed to lounging by the pool or walking along a sunny beach. It’s interesting to see what some people think will be possible in the near future.”