British PM scuppered knighthood for Steve Jobs

You know how it goes. You turn down someone’s party invitation, and they just don’t want to be your friend any more.

All the same, Steve Jobs must have been disappointed to hear that his services to technology weren’t going to earn him a British knighthood after all.

According to a former Labour member of parliament who spoke to the Daily Telegraph, the decision to scrap plans for the honor followed Jobs’ decision to spurn an invitation to speak at the 2009 Labour party conference.

The then prime minister, Gordon Brown, had his nose put out of joint by the refusal – being able to demonstrate that he had a divine being on his side would have been quite a feather in Brown’s cap.

And not being best-known for his forbearance, Brown put a stop to the approval process, which had been in the final stages.

Jobs and other Apple execs had known all about the plans, the paper says, and had probably been practising their curtseys.

Of course, it’s possible that Jobs isn’t that bothered. After all, with knighthoods having been dished out to the likes of Bill Gates and George Bush Senior, they must seem rather low-class.

But with two strong contenders already in the running for the position of the next king, Jobs was never going to get that one handed him on a plate.