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BBC debuts Doctor Who 6.2 trailers

The BBC has posted two trailers for the upcoming half-season of Doctor Who.

First, here is a trailer with clips from several of the episodes.

We’ve got a few scenes from new plots, like some kind of interaction with Hitler, but mostly it looks like several season sub-plots are getting some attention.

River seems to be turning into the eye-patch lady, which is weird, and we hear a creepy voice-over from that character describing the events of the season opener as if it’s some kind of prophecy. There are also some shots of The Silence, suggesting some continued development of that dangerous foe.

With Pond back, it’s time for some new Monster of the week episodes, however, and the one of these will be God Complex – the fourth episode back after the break – for which we have an episode trailer.

It looks like it has to do with some creepy Satanic rights and chanting, but it’s also seemingly something which the characters are creating from their minds.

The clue is in the dialog from the episode character at the door, a nurse it looks like, who asks Pond if the clown – which we had seen in the Season 6 trailers a long time ago – is “to do with you” and Pond shakes her head, suggesting that the monsters are from within themselves.

I may have been a bit disappointed with the mid-season finale earlier this year, but these trailers have roped me back in, and now I can’t wait for the season to pick back up, which it’s going to do at the end of August with Let’s Kill Hitler.