Ayn Rand fan ‘writes’ world’s biggest message

Fed up with the world’s unaccountable failure to embrace Ayn Rand’s ultra-right-wing philosophy, a man has used the entire United States as a canvas to spell out his message.

Over the course of a busy and productive spring and summer this year, Nick Newcomen drove 12,328 miles across the country using a GPS logger to spell out the message ‘Read Ayn Rand’.

After creating a route that would correspond to the message, he drove it using a GPS logger – a Qstarz BT-Q1000X – to record his ‘writing’, turning it off between letters.

He then input the recorded GPS data into Google Earth resulting in the image.

On his website, Newcomen gives ten reasons to read the Russian-American writer – and even he doesn’t try to claim that literary merit is among them.

“She explains with refreshing honesty and clarity which basic ideas America must adopt and which it must reject if it is to remain a great nation,” he says. “Her ideas in essence are true.”

Rand’s most well-known work, Atlas Shrugged, discusses the appalling effects of government, which apparently hampers people’s ability to make as much money as possible.

Its hero, John Galt, is an Aryan superman who believes that all help should be abolished for those tiresome people who aren’t as wonderful as him.

His activities succeed in changing the world for the better – as, no doubt, will Newcomen’s.