Awesome new Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer released

The new Apes trailer is nearly 3-minutes long and full of juicy spoilers.

Every time I see something new about this upcoming film, I get more and more excited.

What originally looked like a lame reboot attempt is turning out to be a very serious attempt to retell the Planet of the Apes story right from its genesis, without the camp of previous attempts, and surely with much more emotional and important themes.

Here we get to see that the sole intended test subject, Caesar, is initially let out into the world, to be raised, childlike by the lead scientist character.

It’s only when he attacks a civilian in anger at the civilian’s treatment of his friend that Caesar ever even has contact with other apes.

When he discovers the cause of his new-found intelligence, he treats the other apes with what looks like an aresole version of the original treatment.

Ceasar then takes a leadership role among the apes as they begin their insurrection. It all looks very serious, and the effects, especially the animated Apes, look outstanding.

Recently, about the time of the release of the previous trailer, we got another spoiler: 

Someone from inside the production has revealed that Caeser will have one line of dialog. Near the end of the movie, he will speak one word of dialog: “Bananas.” Nothing about the context or meaning of that one line, but we know that the character is not going to be doing a lot of talking.

If nothing else, we can certainly expect that there are plans for The Rise of The Planet of the Apes to be only the first in a new franchise. Of course, as always, that will depend on the box office draw.