Aussie cadges Thanksgiving invite after email mix-up

An Australian man has spent his first Thanksgiving in the US after a South Florida family included him on their email list by mistake.

For years, Sydney journalist James West was the recipient of gossipy emails from the Tran family, all of which went straight into his Gmail recycle bin. But when he recently read one in full and discovered it included an invitation to the family’s Thanksgiving dinner, he decided he wanted to know more.

An initial inquiry got the response that he was more than welcome – and that he should bring some canned corn. But feeling perhaps that it was a long way to go just to be turned away at the door, he decided he’d better come clean.

West posted a video on YouTube admitting that he didn’t actually know the family, and emailed a link to Martha Tran DeForest – who promptly issued a proper invitation.

It seems West shares a name with Tran DeForest’s brother-in-law. “I thought he had two emails, so I would just send it to both,” she explained to WPTV.

West promptly hopped on a plane for the 20 hour flight, and is now happily ensconced in the Tran residence. He’s documenting his trip on Twitter at @jameswest2010, and is uploading regular videos to YouTube.

In typical Aussie style, he comments: “I hope we have a good weekend. That’s all I really want to take out of this, a really good bloody weekend.”