Artist builds giant Lego phone

New York artist Nathan Sawaya has built a five-foot-tall Blackberry Tour 9360 phone from Lego.

He won’t say who commissioned the piece – we think we can guess – but says that the brief included the requirement that it couldn’t be just a static replica, but needed a video screen that really worked.

“After some trial and error, I embedded a flat screen TV into my brick sculpture to get the effect of having working video in this over-sized brick smartphone,” says Sawaya.

Sawaya’s studio is a child’s heaven, with over 1.5 million of the little coloured bricks stacked up and ready for use.

His work is currently touring North American museums in a show called The Art of the Brick,  which itself comprises nearly a million Lego blocks. It is, he says, “the only exhibition focusing exclusively on Lego as an art medium”. Really?

This latest work is something of a reprise of an earlier masterpiece, but Sawaya apparently believes it marks a new creative direction in his work.

“This new smartphone could totally crush my Lego iPhone that was recently the subject of an answer on Jeopardy!” he says.

Someone should give him Nokia’s phone number – it could surely lead to a new renaissance of representational art.