Aquaman getting a new run

Aquaman has long been a laughable superhero, but DC plans to change that with their new take on the character.

Ever since his depiction in the “Superfriends” cartoon, in which the writers depicted him as a nearly useless member of the team, for whom water-based jobs had to be frequently, and devisically created, just to give him something to do, Aquaman has been the butt of many superhero jokes. For a long time, he’s been a sort-of perpetual third wheel of the DC superhero pantheon.

He experienced a revival of sorts, after appearing on the Batman Superman animated series’ in the 90s, then receiving a revival of his comicbook series, which proved to be very popular. That series ended with Aquaman’s death in 2007.

He was recently resurrected, however, along with many other dead heroes in the Blackest Night/ Brightest Day event, which saw dramatic changes in the storylines for many of DC’s properties. 

This past weekend at MegaCon, during the DC Comics spotlight panel, it was announced that Aquaman will be returning with Aquaman #1 later this year.

In an interview with CBR, the writer of the new series, Geoff Johns, said “I think Aquaman is one of DC’s A-List characters, but he’s got to be treated like that. He’s got to be showcased like that, and he’s got to kick ass like Green Lantern or Batman or the entire Justice League.”

This move is part of a greater trend of readapting DC’s superhero properties, and even restarting their numbering, in an effort to catch and hold the current crop of fans who are coming to comicbooks curious, after seeing the superhero film adaptations; currently one of the most popular film genres.