App Store head sells fart apps on the side

It’s nice to know what the top bods at Apple get up to in their spare time. Charity work, cultural events, time with their families… and fart apps.

According to Wired, App Store boss Phillip Shoemaker has a little sideline as head of GrayNoodle, developer of such worthy apps as Animal Farts and Blue Flame (yes, that’s a fart app too).

Another offering is iWiz: “Yes, another childish, disgusting application. But it’s funny, and makes me laugh. Not only can you make a non-stop urination sound, but you can set the fart threshold. Plus, it is only 99 cents!” says the website.

None of this would matter, except that Shoemaker is of course the man responsible for policing the app store. It’s his job to make sure that no smutty stuff be allowed to pollute the minds of our nation’s finest.

Back in February, the company pulled around 4,000 apps – as many as three percent of those in the store – on the grounds that they contained inappropriate material.

And in May the company threw out an app  called ‘Gay New York: 101 Can’t-Miss Places’, apparently because it contained an image of a man in Speedos.

According to Wired, Apple’s happy to let staff sell apps through the App Store as long as, like Shoemaker’s, they were published prior to working at the company.

And while naked women and men in swimwear may be deemed objectionable, the company clearly has no problem with flatulence – there are well over 700 other fart apps in the store.