App aims to de-Bieber the web

A new app aims to fix one of the most annoying features of the web – unwanted mentions of Justin Bieber.

“We’ve developed a series of innovative tools to help cover the lower regions of web pages from unwanted Justin Bieber content,” says its developer, Greg Leuch.

“Shave away those Bieber mentions on web sites with our bookmarklet, Firefox Add-on, or JavaScript files.”

The application blacks out any mention of the 16-year-old singer, wherever it occurs, as well as any photos which include his name in their file names. It should be particularly popular with users of Twitter, which has pretty much become Bieber Central.

It’s also likely to go down well with the members of the I hate Justin Bieber  and justin bieber hate club Facebook groups.

Leuch has a history of helpful apps designed to protect users from the irritations of celebrities. His previous efforts include a plug-in to convert text from upper-case to lower-case – an effort to save readers’ eyes from the shouty blog posts of Kanye West.

The app is available here.