Doctor Who: The Snowmen trailer blows cold

BBC America has released a domestic TV spot for the highly anticipated holiday special.

With less than a week until the special airs, BBC America has finally begun running ads for the episode. This trailer is cut a bit different from the BBC One version, as it’s designed to appeal to the American fans, and shows off the types of scenes that Americans like about the show; specifically, a lot more shots of the monsters and aliens, rather than of the Doctor and his new companion.

This new episode represents a lot of changes for the show and the characters. The Doctor has been alone for some time since the Ponds’ departure, and a new companion, Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, will draw him out from depression into a dangerous adventure. Simultaneously, we’ll be getting a new TARDIS interior to reflect the changes in the Doctor’s personality.

Usually, we only see new TARDIS sets when the Doctor regenerates and changes actors, but it seems the showrunners decided that the loss of the Ponds was a dramatic enough change that we should see it more visually represented.

Previously, we’d only had a glimpse of some of the detail of the new set, but now we’ve got a nice shot of the control room with the Doctor standing in it.

Finally, it’s been recently revealed that we can also look forward to a new intro sequence with a new mix of the theme music, which is something else that usually only happens when we change actors.

According to the Doctor Who production blog:

Something cold, something new…

Not only will we be treated to a ‘new’ TARDIS during The Snowmen, but the episode will premiere a revamped theme tune and opening title sequence.

We can’t give too much away about the new-look titles except to say they are wonderfully dramatic and striking, with a couple of unexpected touches. In short, they’re a perfect way to welcome back the Doctor!

And fans of the famous Doctor Who theme tune needn’t worry… This new arrangement remains true to the original, written by Ron Grainer back in 1963, but on Christmas Day you’ll hear it as it’s never sounded before. This latest version is more thrilling and powerful but retains that slightly scary quality that remains stirring no matter how many times you catch it.

You’ll also want to check out the episode prequels, if you haven’t already.

The Doctor Who holiday special airs on December 25, 2012 (at 9pm on BBC America).