Juan in a Million trailer checks all the houses

Pacific Sunset Pictures has released a trailer for its upcoming last-man-on-earth tale.

Juan Garcia is about to embark on the journey that is his life and career. Unfortunately, everything changes the day he applies to Harvard. The city is empty when he wakes up, and he has nothing to do but survive in an empty city while investigating what happened to everyone else.

The film is an indie production, and it shows. The production values are low, but the film was written in such a way that no special effects are needed, just clear streets. This lends a certain competence to the film, even if it restricts how impressive the fantastic elements can be.

It seems like most of the plot will deal with Juan and his mental state, as he becomes increasingly desperate and frantic while he searches for other people. Is he really alone, we wonder, and if he does finally find someone, are they real? Or has his desperate mind fabricated them?

It’s not a new story, surely, but the last-man story is a still a relatively fertile ground for fresh themes and new ways to tell the tale.

As with most indie films, there is no way to tell how much quality is really in it, especially since it’s a genre production, which almost never win any awards at the festivals, even if they are very good. So, while Juan in a Million has racked up no awards, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything about how good it might be.

Juan in a Million is currently touring the festival circuit, and will be released on home video in early 2013. Currently there are no plans for a limited theatrical run.