Trank eyes Fantastic Four reboot

Among the many great things we can say about The Avengers, one of the biggest is it finally did The Hulk justice on the big screen.

The big angry green guy seemed a no brainer to do as a movie, many of us loved the TV show growing up, but before The Avengers, he was a two-time loser on the big screen.

Now reports have surfaced that in addition to The Avengers 2, we may also have the reboot of The Fantastic Four the same year as well. Talk about a two-time loser. Actually more than two when you count the Fantastic Four movie from 1994 that was so bad it was never released. We still haven’t seen a great Fantastic Four movie, and they are absolutely long overdue for a reboot.

As both Collider and Cinema Blend repor, Josh Trank, who directed the superhero found footage sleeper Chronicle, is lined up to direct the Fantastic Four reboot, and it now has a release date of March 6, 2015. If this version of Four actually makes it to the finish line, it will also hit theaters the same year as Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Justice League, Star Wars: Episode VII, and Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. 

As we’ve seen a lot recently, a lot of movies where superheroes are teaming together have been greenlit in the wake of The Avengers, and if Fantastic Four is ready by 2015, it could be out in theaters before the next Avengers movie, and as mentioned above, the same year as another superhero team-up, Justice League.

All we know about Fantastic Four so far is there’s a script in development and Trank is the director. There may not be much else going on at the moment, and if there’s anything more going on, it will be top secret for a long time. Like the Hulk, let’s hope the third time’s going to be the charm.