Whedon completes Avengers 2 outline

The next Avengers movie doesn’t hit theaters until May 1, 2015.

It may be way too early to talk about anything, but then again, if you’re Joss Whedon you can say what you want, provided you don’t give too much away too early.

To get a movie ready for 2015 he wouldn’t even need to have a script finished for a while, and in fact Avengers 2 is currently int the outline phase. As Collider and Entertainment Weekly confirm, Whedon has just turned in the outline for Avengers 2, and he’s also getting ready to helm the pilot for the TV series, S.H.I.E.L.D., which should be a nice way to lead up to the next Avengers film. 

Entertainment Weekly listed Whedon as one of their Entertainers of the Year, and he really delivered this year for comic fans with The Avengers, and horror fans with Cabin in the Woods. As we all know, Whedon had to go through a lot of crap before he came to this incredible place in his career, and the anger and frustration he used to feel is still in the back of his mind.

In fact, for Whedon Avengers was a much more personal movie than you’d think. He told EW, “I literally had the I’m-always-angry revelation during production. I had this certain amount of back-burner simmer of rage that I was completely aware of, but apparently I wrote it for Bruce Banner: ‘I think this is what a guy like this might go through!’ What guy, Joss? ‘I don’t know! Some guy. I can’t think of anyone in particular, or why this is coming to me…’”

Of course, he’s being facetious, and it’s a good thing to have a Hulk around to express your anger. The incredible success of The Avengers should give him an enormous amount of freedom in the future, and probably a lot less anger with it.

“Once you get to this place, where people will listen to you, all the stuff you’ve learned to live with and tamped down, you don’t need to live with it anymore,” he added.