Ghostbusters 3 – now or never?

At this point, you could probably write a book about the never-ending saga of Ghostbusters 3 that would be the length of an old-fashioned Manhattan phone book.

Now this is all pretty amazing for a movie that still doesn’t have a green light, which makes me wonder if we’ll all be reading and writing about whether Ghostbusters 3 will ever get made or not ten years from now.


The latest story that’s made the rounds over the ‘Net? Billy Murray is finally giving in on Ghostbusters 3, after famously refusing. Then again, there was a report on Starpulse confirming “the source has been outed as a fake. There is currently no announcement on Bill Murray’s involvement in an upcoming Ghostbusters film.”

Still, the hopes that Ghostbusters 3 will one day become a reality have not died down. In fact, the same day the Bill Murray rumors were going around, an interview with Dan Aykroyd appeared in the online edition of Esquire, where he told writer Michael B. Dougherty, “Had Billy chosen to do the [The Office writers] Lee Eisenberg / Gene Stupnitsky script of two years ago, it would be out this summer, and it would be a massive hit.”

Aykroyd has certainly put a lot of effort into Ghostbusters 3 over the last three years, “And now we have a story and a draft that everybody seems to agree would make the third movie,” he continued. “At this point, I think we’re closer than we ever have been.” Besides not having Murray aboard, Ghostbusters 3 also suffered a big set-back when Sony announced it would be cutting back on production because of money issues at the studio. 

Whether Murray chooses to ever come back or not, “We’ll always leave a hole for him,” Aykroyd said. “He can always come back at any time and be rebuilt into it.” As far as whether the next Ghostbusters would be a reboot or not, Aykroyd said it will be, “Next generation…I think we would have to hand it off to the young.” 

You’ve got to admire the fact that Aykroyd will just not give up, but he also acknowledged, “We can’t wait forever. If it does not happen, the life of Dan Aykroyd and his family and friends will be quite full without Ghostbusters 3.”