Star Trek and Pacific Rim trailers about to drop

Star Trek Into Darkness, the long-awaited sequel to the new model JJ Abrams Trek, is probably the most anticipated genre film of 2013.

It’s also good to finally have Guillermo Del Toro back with Pacific Rim, which is hitting theaters next summer.

Now we’re actually, finally, going to see footage from both films when the trailer for Into Darkness is unleashed on Thursday, December 6, and the Pacific Rim trailer debuts on Wednesday, December 12. As Collider notes, the Trek news was leaked the way a lot of news breaks these days, via Twitter, courtesy of Simon Pegg who worte: “Get ready to boldly go again.”

When the trailer goes live online, it’s going to beat the actual (trailer) theatrical debut by a week. Not only will it play before The Hobbit on December 14, but at IMAX screenings of The Hobbit, you’ll also be able to see nine minutes of Trek footage. The theatrical trailer for Trek will reportedly be over two minutes long, and there’s also a teaser poster that’s been released which features the engimatic villain, whoever it is. 

Now there’s already been a fake news teaser trailer for Pacific Rim, and as Cinema Blend tells us, there’s a countdown clock on the site PanPacificDefense for when the real trailer will debut. In both cases, this is the first time we’re going to see any footage from both films, and both should hopefully be a delight for genre fans everywhere.

While ordinary citizens have managed to catch a of glimpse Pacific Rim footage, Warner Brothers is apparently really high on the film as there is already a sequel in the works. 

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, these days the industry would rather have a sequel in development before the first film is out because so many movies set their release dates in stone years in advance. For example, Warners put the second Hangover movie into development two months before the first went live simply because the buzz was very strong, and maybe Pacific Rim will indeed be the next big sci-fi franchise. Oh, and yes, it’s not even a remake or reboot!