Who wants a Tardis for Christmas?

It’s amazing the following Doctor Who has to this day. I can still recall growing up seeing flashes of the re-runs on TV, and at my impressionable young age it was quite a bizarre vortex to get sucked into.

I’ve also been of the probably mistaken impression that British sci-fi, like British humor, could be an acquired taste, like the cult phenomenon of The Prisoner, but among genre fans everywhere you have the feeling they really “get” Doctor Who.

In fact, a member of my family loves the current incarnation of the show, and often jokes that she’d love a Tardis for Christmas. For those who aren’t initiated with the Doctor, the Tardis is the British phone booth that can transport him anywhere in time. Well, if you want a Tardis that badly, your wish has now been granted. 

Now as we’ve often reported on TG, there’s a lot of fun memorabilia out there for geeks with a lot of money to burn, and we’re not talking an action figure for your desk, but stuff like the Game of Thrones throne replica you can buy for $30,000.

Or how the Star Trek Enterprise replica that you can buy for a mere $10,000? Now as GiantFreakinRobot Robot tells us, you can get a full-blown Tardis for 3995 pounds, or about $6,392.00 in American currency. 

There’s plenty of little Tardis replicas you can get for far less if you want just a little one for your desk, but if you absolutely must have the full blown booth, you can get it from a company called This Planet Earth in the United Kingdom, who specialize in “full size, officially licensed props, manufactured to order.” As the company tells us on their website, you can order a Tardis from every incarnation of the show, from the 1960s up to now. 

“Each Tardis is bespoke and hand-made in wood to order either from original BBC plans or taken from original measurements,” the company promises. “We will listen to your requirements and will quote individually for creating, delivering and installing the most fantastic piece of Doctor Who memorabilia that you can buy.”

You may recall a while back on TG that we ran a story about people buying phone booths as collectors items because there aren’t many pay phones around anymore. So if you’re in a pinch, you can get a British “Police Box,” paint it blue, and boom! Instant Tardis! We’re not sure what they did with the original Tardis props from the show, or what they’d go for on the open market, but the replicas look pretty close to the real thing, and will absolutely make a great conversation piece in your living room.