From Wonder Woman to Red Dawn

The remake of Red Dawn recently hit theaters, only to garner lukewarm reviews. Then again, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to remake a movie so right wing and jingoistic in this day and age.

Indeed, as we reported on TG, the enemy in the film had to be changed via CGI from China to North Korea. 

So it was certainly odd to see a Wonder Woman connection with the new edition of Red Dawn, mainly with Adrianne Palicki, who has also done voices for Robot Chicken, and who starred on Friday Night Lights. Yes, Palicki was also chosen to play Wonder Woman in the NBC show that never got off the ground.

You may remember seeing pictures of Palicki in the Wonder Woman costume, and she indeed looked very sexy. (I’ll always be partial to Lynda Carter, but Palicki definitely does the suit justice).

For who knows what reason, it’s been very difficult to get another Wonder Woman going. Joss Whedon tried a Wonder Woman feature at Warner Brothers that went nowhere, then David E. Kelly (Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal) made a pilot episode with Palicki, and the network passed on it. 

At last report, the CW is trying to make a Wonder Woman show called Amazon that would be modeled after Smallville, and perhaps with the huge success of The Avengers there could be more interest in bringing Wonder Woman back. 

But as Palicki tells Collider, she was “devastated” when Wonder Woman didn’t take off at NBC. “I was inconsolable for a good two months. And then, I had to realize that I had a Wonder Woman costume fitted for my body. I got to play that part…Not many people get to say that, and that’s cool. Maybe I’ll get to do it again, in a bigger arena. Who knows?”

Palicki also told Southern4life blogspot, “I’m incredibly proud of that project. I was so grateful to get to play Wonder Woman. That was a childhood dream of mine and I’m proud of the outcome.” 

Warner Brothers has also got Justice League in development again, so maybe this is what Palicki is referring to. Again, it’s bewildering to think Wonder Woman can’t have a comeback, but they finally got the Hulk right,  and one can’t help but hope that Wonder Woman may be right around the corner.