Enrolling at ZombiU

It’s rather difficult to keep track of all the zombie games out there, although many of them certainly have their own distinguishing qualities.

Lollipop Chainsaw, for example, boasts a scantily clad babe in a cheerleader outfit ripping through the undead with the power tool of the title. Corpse Party is set in a school, while Dead Island takes you to the tropics, a la Lucio Fulci’s Zombie. The latest walking corpse game to garner some serious attention? ZombiU, coded by Ubisoft, for the Nintendo’s recently launched Wii U console. 

According to Gaming Blend, the game is apparently the biggest launch title for Nintendo’s new console. Blend also notes the game was “a show stealer at E3,” and Cris Velasco, who wrote music for the game, told the publication “I completely underestimated what the Wii U would be capable of.” 

ZombiU is a double screen game and at first Velasco thought it was a gimmick, but now he says, “It’s such an integral part of ZombiU that now I see the amazing potential it has.”

With so many zombie games, shows, comics and movies out there, Velasco added that Ubisoft managed to conjure up title that feels fresh when he felt the genre was “beginning to feel a bit stale. I think that Ubisoft has given zombies a new lease on ‘life.’” As far as scoring the game, Velasco said the music “is zombie-centric,” but he was able to squeeze in God Save the Queen because the game takes place in England. 

Even though zombies have never been hotter with The Walking Dead, you do indeed have to stay a step or two ahead to make sure the undead stay innovative. As for whether ZombiU delivers zombies in a fresh new way, Forbes wrote in its review of the game: “ZombiU is a challenging, refreshing game full of surprises and scares that makes you think and react and keeps you perpetually on your toes.”

So far it indeed seems like ZombiU lives up to what an undead game should be.