Walking Dead #1 hits $10,000

We recently reported here on TG that sales for vintage Avengers comics have effectively hit the roof.

Not only did Avengers comics go for big bucks, but the superheroes that are part of the Avengers family tree have also been selling for pretty insane prices. How insane you ask? 

Well, how about the first comic that featured Iron Man, Tales of Suspense #39, going for $375,000? Or the first issue that featured Thor going for $222,200? The first issue of Captain America also went for $343,000, and the first issue of Avengers went for $250,000. (Its previous record was a cool hundred Gs).

Now the first issue of The Walking Dead isn’t worth this kind of money yet, but it recently sold for some big money on Ebay.

According to Forbes and The Hollywood Reporter, a copy of The Walking Dead #1 just sold for $10,000, which for a relatively recent comic is a big price tag. As you may recall, the first issue of The Walking Dead hit stands in 2003, where the first issue of The Avengers came out way back in 1963. So why the big  jump in value?

As Forbes tells us, the debut issue of Walking Dead was sold on Ebay by FlyersComics, and it had a 9.9 rating. Yes, The Walking Dead is kicking major ass in the ratings, but $10 grand for the debut issue?

Then again, it is indeed a rare comic, as the first issue only had a print run of 7,300 copies. The second issue is an even rarer item, because it only reached a 5,400 copy print run. 

This is also a considerable jump for the Walking Dead comics, because as the Reporter tells us, a copy of the first issue went for $2,500 a year ago, and this March, a copy sold for $7,000. With the AMC series still going like gangbusters, the 100th issue of Walking Dead sold 375,000 copies this July, which apparently makes it the best selling comic book issue of the century.