A closer look at CoD: Black Ops II

Halo 4 went live on November 6 and racked up a cool $220 million the first day.

While Call of Duty Black Ops II probably won’t reach the same financial heights, it’s absolutely one of the most anticipated games of this season along with the aforementioned Halo 4 and Assassin’s Creed III. 

The new Call of Duty hit the streets with a funny bit of controversy too because David Petraeus, the former director of the CIA who just stepped down due to a controversial affair, is in the game as a secretary of defense. 

However, Activision was quick to note that “General Petraeus was not paid, was not involved in the creation of the game…It is clear to game players that his character and others that are based on real-life figures are fantasy.” 

As we’ve previously reported on TG, David Goyer, screenwriter of the Christopher Nolan Batman films, is the head writer of Call of Duty 2, and there’s even more star power on board with Sam Worthington (Avatar), Michael Keaton, and Michael Rooker providing voices for the game.

As game director Dave Anthony recently told the Hollywood Reporter, “One of the great things about working on a game like Black Ops II is that you really do get attention from the real A-list of Hollywood.”

As far as working with Keaton and Worthington, Anthony said Keaton is “so smart, so nice…he’s everything you would want him to be.” And Worthington is “one of the most humble, nicest, hardworking people I’ve ever worked with. I can see exactly why James Cameron picked him for that role because he just gives it his all.” 

As far as projections for the success of Call of Duty, analysts believe the game will move at least 20 million copies of the game worldwide before the year ends.