What price a Star Trek replica?

Back when our parents were kids, they hoarded a lot of cool stuff just like we did, like Mad magazines, comic books, and toys. Except they couldn’t hang on to it like we can, because their parents would throw it all away.

Nobody knew any of this stuff would be valuable one day, but of course we all know better today, which is why we hang on to our toys and comics for dear life.

A lot of us still hope to rebuy our collections when we get older, and we also hope to one day have the money to purchase upscale models and memorabilia that’s now routinely available for people with lots of cash to burn. (Remember our story on the Game of Thrones throne you can buy for a mere $30,000?)

For collectors like Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Peter Jackson, they’ve got the money to buy items like original Universal monster movie posters, and the original pterodactyl model from the 1933 King Kong. Now if you’re a Star Trek fan with $10 grand burning a hole in your pocket, you can buy a replica of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

As Collider informs us, it’s a 1:85 scale replica “built to the exact specifications and dimensions of the studio miniature that was used in the television series.” It’s got over 100 LEDs, photon torpedoes, sound effects and more. It’s indeed a very steep price, but if you see this thing, it is really impressive, and you can control the lighting and sound by remote control. 

If you’ve got the money and just gotta have it, you can pre-order it from qmxonline.com. There’s currently a waiting list, and even if $10 grand is a lot of money for a miniature spaceship, you know there’s fans fanatical enough that they’ll pay for it. 

We’re not sure how much Star Trek memorabilia is around these days, and who knows if anyone back in the 60’s stashed it away, thinking it would be worth something one day. According to an article on WikiCollecting, the most expensive Trek items that were auctioned off were Kirk’s Enterprise command chair, which went for $265,000, McCoy’s space suit from “The Tholian Web” episode ($120,000), and Spock’s tunic ($115,000), just to name a few. 

Funny enough, an original Enterprise model from the OG 60’s Trek didn’t go for too much more than this replica, $42,500, and it was sold off by Profiles in History in 2001. I also wonder, did anyone ever save Spock’s ears over the years?