Hobbit advance ticket sales #1 on the charts

Quite a number of movies have offered advance tickets for sale lately, sometimes several months in advance, and with certain films, there were reports of sell outs well before the release date.

The Hunger Games sold out screenings well in advance, and the Marvel marathon leading up to the Avengers, which sold out a month in advance. Meanwhile there’s other movies where advance tickets are on sale to little fanfare.


, Unsurprisingly, the news just broke over at The Wrap that on the movie ticket site Fandango, The Hobbit went to #1 on their charts the first day tickets were available. 

The Hobbit knocked Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 off the charts, which was #1 for advance tickets since October 1. No word yet on how advance tickets for the Lord of the Rings marathon is selling, but that’s a limited event.

For some fans, they’re definitely going to endure the Tolkien marathon opening weekend, watching the three Lord of the Rings movies along with the Hobbit, which is a good 12 hour plus investment of time. Just imagine when you’ll be able to watch the three Hobbit movies in a row, then watch the Lord of the Rings movies after that to see the whole epic saga in order. Come to think of it, the day’s going to come where they’ll be nine Star Wars films to sit through too…

Now again, this isn’t the news that opening weekend is sold out months in advance, but this indeed could be a very good indicator that the built in audience for Tolkien will be back strong for the Hobbit – despite some grumbling over the FPS (frames-per-second) issue. It’s been nearly ten years years since the last Lord of the Rings film, but the fans certainly haven’t forgotten.