Guillermo Del Toro eyes the Swamp Thing

Another week, another project Guillermo Del Toro’s apparently involved in.

This guy’s busier than JJ Abrams, and this latest project really piqued my interest because it involves one of my all time favorite comic book characters I’ve been wanting to see rebooted for a long time.

Batman certainly needed a reboot to save it from the awful incompetence of director Joel Schumacher, and rebooting Spider-Man did wonders for the franchise as well.

But there’s plenty of other comics I’d love to see on the big screen again, and one of the top ones for me is Swamp Thing. The 1982 Swamp Thing, directed by Wes Craven, was a lot of fun, and it deserved to do better than it did. Now with the help of Del Toro, he may indeed return.

Del Toro has Pacific Rim coming up for Warner Brothers next July, and according to Cinema Blend, Del Toro may be planning his own version of The Avengers, but with much darker superheroes. This would include Swamp Thing, Deadman, Phantom Stranger, and Constantine Hellblazer. 

According to Latino Review, this project is currently titled Heaven Sent, and other characters Del Toro may have in the film include The Spectre, Zatanna, Zatara, Sargon, and Etrigan the Demon. Review also reports Warner Brothers is excited enough about this idea that lawyers are currently working on clearing the rights for the above-mentioned characters.

Now keep in mind Del Toro’s name is attached to about two million projects right now, and he likes to have a lot of balls in the air because movies tend to fall apart a lot in Hollywood, especially with the current economic climate. At the same time, Del Toro’s current deal is with Warner Brothers, and DC is also under the Warners umbrella. 

Right now, Warners is also really high on getting a Justice League movie rolling, so anything with a gang of superheroes working together will probably get a green light quickly. And again, doing a darker take on the Avengers, especially with my man Swamp Thing, would be very cool indeed.